Tree works, hazardous trees and permissions

Proper care of mature trees is essential to their health, longevity and safety.  We can advise you on both the need for tree works on trees and deal with any legal paperwork required to carry them out, including liaising with the local council on your behalf.

Advice on Conservation Areas and Tree Protection Orders

Tree works on trees in Conservation Areas or on those with Tree Protection Orders (TPOs) on them need a “Tree Works” application to your local planning authority before works taken place.  A “Tree Works” application is similar to applying for plannning permission, but the legal basis is different and a specialist area.

When considering carrying out tree work that requires a “Tree Works” application, we would advise you to contact us as soon as possible.  We would inspect trees and dicuss your needs before the application is made and works carried out. We can specify

Tree works being carried out on mature oak tree

recommendations to ensure that any tree works employ best management practices for the best outcome for your trees. The relevant guidance for works is the British Standard, BS3998:2010 ‘Tree Work- Recommendations’. Where necessary, we can also climb the tree to make an aerial inspection.

Trees in Conservation Areas and with TPOs are often older, more mature trees with high amenity value and are well loved by their owners, so are felt to be worth the extra investment of seeking professional arboricultural advice. We can liaise with the council’s tree officer to ensure that everything goes smoothly with your “Tree Works” application.

Advice on Tree Hazard Surveys

If you are concerned about your “duty of care” over a tree or worried about the safety of a tree you own, then we can carry out a Tree Hazard Survey for you.

All tree owners have a legal responsibility as their “duty of care” to manage risk to others and their property from trees e.g. falling trees and branches. You need to assess the level of risk involved on your land, but this need not be an onerous task if carried out well. The risk is generally assessed based on :

  1. The level, extent and type of access that people have to the land on which the tree stands or where the branches could fall.
  2. The condition and health of the tree.

    Lighting strike on veteran oak

We will advise you how how regularly trees need to be re-inspected for potential hazards, based on underlying factors such as the condition and health of the tree.  We can also set up basic systems for estates and others to record, monitor and manage for their tree hazards.

We can advise you on mitigating hazards by taking practical actions or undertaking tree work, which we can specify for you as part of the inspection.  Often Tree Hazard surveys may result in works requiring a “Tree Works” application ( e.g. as the tree is within a Conservation Area ) and we can provide the evidence to support and specify the works to be carried out.