Protected species and wildlife surveys

We can offer you a comprehensive package of wildlife surveys, and have included a list below of areas that we cover.  Our staff have a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm from carrying out wildlife surveys, something which they are more than happy to share with you in conversation.  So if you have a query, please ring to informally discuss.

As well as initial surveys and assessment, we can cover mitigation and post construction monitoring for you, as well as negotiation with local planners and discharge of conditions.  We can also offer you less widely available specialist services such as European Protected Species Licencing, National Vegetation Surveys and BREEAM assessments.

We have full access to CAD-compatible Geographical Information Systems (GIS), which allows us to search spatial records and provide you with high quality maps.

Protected species

Wildlife surveys

  • Invertebrate surveys and monitoring, including British Butterfly Society transects;
  • Broad vegetation and habitat mapping, using Phase 1 mapping techniques;
  • Detailed plant community surveys, using National Vegetation Classification;
  • Bird surveys and monitoring, including Common Bird Census e.g. monitoring bird populations near wind farms post construction;
  • Surveys for the Code for Sustainable Homes and for all main BREEAM building types including education, offices, healthcare and industrial ( How does CSH relate to ecology ? );