Environmental impact assessment for ecology

Your development may require an objective assessment of its potential effects on the local ecology before being granted permission. Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA), one facet of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), is a technique used for the assessment process.

The County Council, the District Councils, the Highways Agency, the Environment Agency and many other statutory bodies are required to use EcIA techniques to inform major planning decisions.

Norfolk Wildlife Services can work with you to provide:

  • Scoping, consultation and desktop survey work for EcIA
  • Surveys and assessments for large scale industrial and housing development for full EIA
  • Surveys and assessments at a local and landscape scale for the ecological effects of water abstractions upon wetland systems
  • Advice and delivery of mitigation and wildlife enhancement packages
  • Auditing of planning and land management processes as part of Strategic Environmental Assessment

Norfolk Wildlife Services provides ecological information for EIAs throughout the EcIA process, from initial beginnings to final assessment and mitigation proposals. This ensures that the best possible account is taken of wildlife in any future development and that any potential issues are flagged up to you as our client at an early stage, thereby reducing potential increased later costs and risks.