Meet our new (joint) business officer – Rachael Barber

Along with my colleague Siobhan, I work with clients to identify your project’s needs and issue quotes. I also deal with our business finances and keep our electronic paperwork system in order.

Rachael showing the difference between different gulls

Rachael Barber guiding a seabird and cetacean group

After working as a marine wildlife guide at sea, I moved to Norfolk in 2008 and completed a Masters degree in Applied Ecology and Conservation.

I joined Norfolk Wildlife Services in March 2017 from my previous role as Marine Data Coordinator. I am keen to transfer my skills and knowledge to a terrestrial ecological consultancy business.


Whales and dolphins continue to be a big passion of mine and I am a partner in the marine charity the World Cetacean Alliance. I am a fully BTO qualified bird ringer, involved in monitoring projects on reed warblers and tawny owls. Winter means catching and monitoring many migrant finches including goldfinch, brambling and siskin.

I am looking forward to being in touch with you soon!