NWS flooded out, but rises to the top

Aargh – so much for lucky black cat mascots – climate change has got our office.

On Sunday 20 July, due to the torrential downpour of rain on Thorpe Road, Bewick House was flooded with up to 3 feet of water in our front courtyard, which began to overflow into the basement office. Fortunately Colin Ford, who is company secretary, was working on Sunday afternoon and spotted what was happening.

His action to block the basement door and air bricks and to lift boxes out of harms way saved any serious damage to our offices, but the basement offices now need new carpets and a bit of a dry out and clean. As you can see it is a bit of a mess and the floors are covered in sticky carpet adhesive.  Apparently it will take until September to dry out, so we can get back in.

Fortunately our paperless office system and excellent IT guys Mike and Matthew made us proof against such minor hiccups [ they took about 2 hours to set us up again ] and we will be working as normal from our relocated office on the top floor of Bewick House.  I would like to say penthouse, but it is more garret.

Picture of office with puddles on floor

Our recently flooded office – spot the frog !

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