Norfolk Wildlife Trust Staff Training Day

NWT 1NWT 2So what are the team up to? – Sue in deep concentration, Stewart enjoying a well earned cup of tea and Abi checking e-mails on her phone!!

Well, the reason was NWS joining Norfolk Wildlife Trust on 8 May for a staff training day.  The event enabled the Trust to get together, from those based at Bewick House to the many wardens on the Reserves around Norfolk – 68 members of staff.  It gave a chance for us to share experiences and for our Chief Executive, Brendan Jones, to up-date us on the Trust’s five-year Business Strategy to see how it was reaching its objectives and its achievements over the last 12 months, particularly regarding the “Living Landscape” and connection of key habitats, and the priorities for the coming year.

For the first time speakers from outside the Trust were invited:

Jeff Price, Senior Researcher of the School of Environmental Sciences at the UEA gave a very interesting talk that left us thinking about changes to climate and sea level rise over the next 50 years and how we need to look further ahead when managing sites and the likely effects on our species and habitats.

Rob Spray of Seasearch gave a lively illustrated talk on “Living Seas” and, in particular, the Cromer Chalk Shoal, with video coverage of this important recently discovered habitat including a great video showing how the Little Cuttlefish buries itself in the sediment.  He continued to talk about the proposals for a Marine Conservation Zone on this small area to provide some protection to this great habitat.

Aside from this, we also talked about planning issues and developments in the Norfolk area and we got an in-depth view of the Trust’s new website, which is well worth a visit!