List of Norfolk European protected species ?

We couldn’t find a list of “European Protected Species” in Norfolk, so we made one for you.The following is a list of EPS that are “present in their natural range” in Norfolk, correct on date of publication.

EPS land animals EPS Plants EPS marine animals
Bats – all species[YES]Great crested (or warty) newt [YES]Dormouse [NO]

Common otter [YES]

Natterjack toad [YES]

Pool frog [YES]

Sand lizard [NO]

Smooth snake [NO]

Large blue butterfly [NO]

Lesser whirlpool ram’s-horn snail [YES]

Fisher’s estuarine moth [NO]

Creeping Marshwort [NO?]Early Gentian [NO]Fen Orchid [YES]

Floating-leaved Water Plantain [YES?]

Killarney Fern [NO]

Lady’s-slipper [NO]

Shore Dock [NO]

Yellow Marsh Saxifrage [NO]

Whales – all speciesDolphins – all speciesPorpoises – all species

Marine turtles – all species



[NO] = Not present in Norfolk, but may be present in surrounding counties

[YES] = Present in Norfolk

[?] = Some debate on status or whether still present

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