How do you carry out Assessments for Sustainable Homes?

NWS carries out assessments using the BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM), which is designed to help construction professionals understand and mitigate the environmental impacts of the developments they design and build. We provide surveys for the Code for Sustainable Homes and for all main building types including education, offices, healthcare and industrial.
The Code for Sustainable Homes replaced BRE’s Ecohomes for the assessment of new housing in England in April 2007. The Code is an environmental assessment method for new homes based upon BRE’s Ecohomes. It can assess new homes, apartments/flats and houses, or apartments and flats undergoing major refurbishment, at the design stage and verified post construction.
Under the scheme, credits can be awarded to developers for the following:
Eco 1: Ecological Value of the Site
Objective – To encourage development on land that already has a limited value to wildlife and discourage the development of ecologically valuable sites. 1 credit can be awarded for developing land of inherently low ecological value.
Eco 2: Ecological Enhancement
Objective – To enhance the ecological value of a site. 1 credit can be awarded where ecological features have been designed-in for positive enhancement of the site in accordance with advice from a ‘suitably qualified ecologist’.
Eco 3: Protection of Ecological Features
Objective – To protect existing ecological features from substantial damage during the clearing of the site and the completion of construction works. 1 credit can be awarded if all existing features of ecological value are maintained and adequately protected from damage during site preparation and construction works.
Eco 4: Change in Ecological Value of the Site
Objective – To reward steps taken to minimise reductions and to encourage an improvement in ecological value. Up to 4 credits can be awarded for ecological enhancement of the site.

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